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Membership + Benefits


Membership is reserved for career-oriented professionals and STEM program students who are seeking opportunities for growth and achievement. The experience can be enhanced for those willing to serve on committees, as well as chapter and international boards.

A Women in the Global Battery Industry member belongs to a regional chapter, which combined with other chapters forms the international organization. Individuals who work within the battery industry are eligible to join as a professional individual based on their job function. 

Membership demographics include but are not limited to the following:

o   C Suite/Executives

o   Management

o   Legal

o   Engineering

o   Environmental Health and Safety

o   Research & Development

o   Marketing

o   Public Relations/Communications

o   Advocacy

o   Media

o   Sales

o   STEM program students

o   Faculty

Member Benefits

As a member of the Women in the Global Battery Industry, you’ll have access to a variety of benefits designed to enhance your skills and experience, address challenges confronting the industry and promote your career growth, including:

o   Networking: Make meaningful connections with other industry participants at dedicated networking events, including the Women in the Lead Battery Industry Networking Reception, held each year at the BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo.

o   Professional Growth: Develop your leadership and communication skills in an environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

o   Education: Participate in continuous learning opportunities designed to help you gain valuable industry insight.

o   Mentorship: Take advantage of formal and informal mentorship opportunities that foster both personal and professional development.