Mentoring With WGBI

September 1 marked the launch of the second mentor program of the year. The fall program brings 22 WGBI members together to participate in a mentoring partnership where experienced professionals are matched with individuals in the early stages of their careers or new to the industry.

Benefits to participants include the development of relationships, personal and professional growth, exposure to fresh perspectives and ideas, and the opportunity to have someone provide advice as an objective sounding board to provide professional women with career development opportunities. There are also several partnerships that have continued through either the pilot program or the spring program, which is a testament to the benefits of this offering to our members.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out to the Member Education subcommittee chair, Ellen Maxey, or WGBI director, Susan Bernard.

We will open the program to new mentee applicants in February 2024 - ahead of the next six-month program.